About Us
Ian 'Buzz' Nash is a self taught musician who has been playing since 1975.
Heavily influenced by Fleetwood Mac and 'ELO', Ian commenced playing guitar and then moved to bass as young musician playing in amateur garage bands.
In the early eighties Ian played in bands including Blue Stratus, The Reaction, and Nash-Hegarty.
In the nineties and moving to Queensland, Ian broadened his playing range by learning keyboards, banjo, mandolin and Ukelele.
Ian spread his time from playing in bands to fixing guitars and teaching the next generation of musicians guitar.
The early 2000's saw Ian play in bands including Flashback and Gallery.
This period also saw Ian write and record music for jingles and short movie sound tracks.
Ian also collects Fender and Gibson guitars as well as having a neat collection of practice amplifiers.
  1. Ian Nash
    Music Producer, Song Writer, Session Musician at Nash Jingles.
  2. Honour Nash
    Social Media Manager at Nash Jingles.
  3. Kuhio Studio
    Home of Nash Jingles
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